Computer Algebra

This webpage is dedicated to tutorials and homeworks for the Computer Algebra M1 course at ENS de Lyon.

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Week Class Topic Tutorial Assistant
29.01 Multiplication and division. Naive, Karatsuba, Toom-Cook TD1 E.Kirshanova
06.02 FFT, Polynomial division, Hensel's theorem TD2 E.Kirshanova
13.02 EEA TD3 E.Kirshanova
27.02 Product trees, fast multipoint evaliation, fast interpolation TD4 E.Kirshanova
06.03 Linear algebra I TD5 E.Kirshanova
13.03 Linear algebra II: structured matrices TD6 E.Kirshanova
20.03 Linear algebra III: Wiedemann's algorithm TD7 A.Wallet
27.03 Factoring I TD8 A.Wallet
03.04 Factoring II TD9 A.Wallet
10.04 Revision TD10 A.Wallet