Computer Algebra 2019

General Information



Lectures: Wednesday 8h15-10h00 in Amphi B

TDs: Tuesdays, 15h45-17h45 in Amphi B



Week Class Topic Tutorial Assistant
01.02 Multiplication and division. Naive, Karatsuba, Toom-Cook TD1 E.Kirshanova
05.02 Karatsuba, Toom-Cook (continue) TD2 A.Passelègue
12.02 FFT, Polynomial division, Newton's interpolation TD3 (UPD: a solution to Ex.3 is added) E.Kirshanova
26.02 GCD TD4 E.Kirshanova
05.03 Product trees, fast multipoint evaliation, fast interpolation TD5 E.Kirshanova
12.03 Linear algebra I. Gaussian Ellimination. Characteristic polynomial TD6 E.Kirshanova
26.03 Polynomial method I TD7 A.Passelègue
02.04 Polynomial method II TD8 A.Passelègue
09.04 Polynomial method III TD9 A.Passelègue
11.04 Revision TD10 A.Passelègue