Who we are

Our research team is mainly interested in mathematical aspects of cryptology with a focus on algorithms for number theory, algebraic geometry, and cryptanalysis.

Here you'll find an informal presentation (in RUS) of our team.

Our members:

Main collaborations: ENS Lyon , Ruhr University Bochum

What's up

Our research

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Post-quantum signature: Kryzhovnik

What we teach

2023 Spring term

2022 Autumn term

2022 Spring term

2021 Autumn term

2021 Spring term

Thesis' topics

Contact us in case you are interested in writing a Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis on one of the following topics
  • Precise complexity of decoding random linear codes. Some coding skills will be required.
  • Practical speed-up for sieving algorithms for ideal lattices (NTRU, RingLWE)
  • Attacks on lattice based cryptosystems
  • Conctruction of efficiently decodable codes and lattices
Click here for the detailed list of topics.