Who we are

Our research team is mainly interested in mathematical aspects of cryptology with a focus on algorithms for number theory, algebraic geometry, and cryptanalysis.

Here you'll find an informal presentation (in RUS) of our team.

Our members:

Main collaborations: ENS Lyon , Ruhr University Bochum

What's up

What we teach

2023 Autumn term

2023 Spring term

2022 Autumn term

2022 Spring term

2021 Autumn term

2021 Spring term

Thesis' topics

Contact us in case you are interested in writing a Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis on one of the following topics
  • Precise complexity of decoding random linear codes. Some coding skills will be required.
  • Practical speed-up for sieving algorithms for ideal lattices (NTRU, RingLWE)
  • Attacks on lattice based cryptosystems
  • Conctruction of efficiently decodable codes and lattices
Click here for the detailed list of topics.