• On the number of points on curve \(y^2 = x^{7} + a x^4 + b x\) over a finite field (to appear), with Y. F. Boltnev.
    SageMath: [code]. Examples: [2716 bit Jacobian] [3392 bit Jacobian]
  • Counting points on hyperelliptic curves of type \(y^2=x^{2g+1}+ax^{g+1}+bx\).
    In Finite Fields and Their Applications, 2020, vol. 68.
    Preprint: arXiv. SageMath Notebooks: [genus 3 algorithm].   [genus 4 algorithm].
  • On the distribution of orders of Frobenius action on \(\ell\)-torsion of abelian surfaces, with N. S. Kolesnikov.
    In Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2020, no. 48, 22–33. Math-Net.   [SageMath Notebook for §7].
  • Characteristic polynomials of the curve \(y^2=x^7+ax^4+bx\) over finite fields, with Y. F. Boltnev.
    In SibeCrypt'19. Math-Net. SageMath: [genus 3 p.c. algorithm].
  • Hyperelliptic curves, Cartier–Manin matrices and Legendre polynomials.
    In Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2017, no. 37, 20–31.
  • On bounds for balanced embedding degree.
    In Prikl. Diskr. Mat., 2016, no. 2(32), 63–86 [in Russian].


  • Counting points on hyperelliptic curves with geometrically split Jacobians [poster].
    at Fourteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, ANTS-XIV,
    University of Auckland, New Zealand June 30 - July 4, 2020.

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